Do And Don't

  1. Every product only you are allowed to enter as per the category List.
  2. In case Category not found on our website then suggest us to add such Category.
  3. Do not put any pictures or content on RM which are not appropriate and illegal as per the government norms. If found any illegal content then that user can be banned permanently and panelised to pay the Amount of Rs. 100K (One Lacks)  along with government laws and fees.
  4. Anyone who is adding review of the products shall comply to point Number 3.
  5. When you put any product for rent then provide brief description of the products so that user can understand clearly.
  6. RM only gives the platform to rent. It is peer to peer service so whenever you give any product or service on the Rent then it is your liabilities to check proper details about users and take appropriate documents for proof and deposits.
  7. RM will not involve in any supplier and user conflicts. We have just provide free platform where to check compare different supplier, deals and rent.
  8. Any of the product you have given on the rent or take then please make clarification on return condition like Damages, Losses and Transportation etc. This is for your safety. RM not involved in that.
  9. After using our free platform if you are satisfied then kindly share our website with others.
  10. If you are not finding particular product/category/Service then send “request post”, we help to find you relevant Product/category/Servicefrom other supplier.
  11. You can subscribe us for latest news about RentMall.
  12. If you have any suggestion then write us through “Contact Us” section.