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Wedding Reception Food Catering Trends In India


Food is the attraction of Indian weddings. Indians love to eat. This is the reason in the Indian wedding you can get numerous dishes. From snacks to dessert, you will have not only many recipes but also several options for every dish! 

Nowadays, people are following trends also for food catering. Here are a few examples of trendy food caterings in India.

Regional Flavours: Indians love their tradition so much. In the case of food, Indian weddings are incomplete without traditional Indian foods. But nowadays caterers make the trading foods in their way by spreading different flavours onto them.

Global Brands: It is trendy now to add a non-regional touch in the wedding. Indian food caterers always try to add global foods through snacks or as hard-drink chats. For example, mini dosa stuffed with halloumi cheese, caviar crackers, lobster rolls etc.

Adding Street Food Flavours: Caterers add different stalls of different street foods. From Vada paw to Pani-puri, you can eat at your heart's content. Sometimes for fun, they held a competition between the groom's side relatives and the bride's side relatives, about who can eat maximum Pani-puri.

Dessert: Indian desserts are famous all over the world. Caterers nowadays try to give traditional desserts a different look. For example, they create different looks by piping 'sondesh' on the traditional sweets. It looks good as well as taste good.  

Catering Services At A Cheap Price In India

To find catering services at cheap price in India, you need to search for it and do a lot of research. As you learned about the importance of food in an Indian wedding, it must be pretty clear to you that Indian catering is expensive.

But besides the popular caterers try to find those who can guarantee you delicious food. Then making the foods trendy is your responsibility.

Just find a fantastic cook and tell him what you want. This idea can reduce your catering expenses in a pretty large amount. Don't let your guests disappointed. Always remember food is the way to people's hearts.


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