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Bridal Make-Up Trends of 2019


A wedding day is the biggest day of a woman’s life. She had been dreaming about the day when she realised that once she will be married. So naturally, she wants to look like a princess, just like she owns the day. And why won't she? The day will not come again.

In this modern era, bridal make-up becomes popular. Every Indian bride prepares themselves with different make-up styles. Here we will be discussing the bridal makeup trends of 2019.

Bold Eyes And Brows: 

This look is on the top of the trendy list from last year. Few Bollywood artists inspired us with this look. This look makes the eyes brighter and makes it the main attraction of your face with lighter lips.

Smokey Eyes: 

Lighter makeup with Smokey eyes and nude pink lipstick has become the trendiest combination of last year. Smokey eyes are everyone's favourite. So naturally, brides love the mix and match of the western look and Indian look.

Glowy Skin: 

This look has been inspired by Korean glass-skin trend. The glowy skin look enhances every complexion as well as makes you shine in your every picture, in every pose.

The Classic Red Lip And Bold Features: 

Indian traditional bridal colour is red. And this look always stays trendy because of its Indian touch.

No Makeup Look: 

This look enhances the bride's natural beauty and gives you a calm, non-vibrant look. No makeup look or natural look needs very little makeup and more than less contouring. 

Other than these Dark lip colours, Metallic eye shadow, Pink pastel, Bold contrast, Foiled eye makeup are some more trendy makeup looks.

As numerous bridal makeups are on-trend nowadays, it is natural that there are lots of makeup artists too, who will give you your desired look and make you the queen of the day. You can find the best makeup services on rent for wedding, in social media. Hire them and get ready for your wedding.


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